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PERFORMART – Association for the Performing Arts in Portugal aims to promote - both nationally, as well as internationally - multiple forms of cultural and artistic expression within the scope of the performing arts.

PERFORMART’s mission is, among other objectives, to promote efforts and initiatives that enable recognizing and developing the performing arts sector and its professionals in a healthy and sustainable manner, on various levels: by developing networking structures amongst its associates, by representing its members’ interests before national and international institutions, and by promoting a joint stance on matters that are relevant to the sector and to its professionals.

The association intends to create spaces for analysis and reflection, organizing and promoting work groups and studies of a scientific nature. It also stimulates the circulation of its associates’ shows and the establishment of partnerships among its various members and other associations.

The founding members of PERFORMART are: 

Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo – Teatro do Bolhão; 
Câmara Municipal do Porto; 
Centro Cultural Vila Flor; 
Fundação Casa da Música; 
Fundação Centro Cultural de Belém; 
Fundação Serralves; 
Instituto Politécnico do Porto; 
Teatro Experimental do Porto; 
Teatro Municipal de Almada; 
Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II; 
Teatro Nacional São João;
Teatro Viriato.

Performart will promote a public presentation of the association and its objectives on 23 February, at 2:30pm, at Teatro do Bolhão – Oporto, and on 24 February, at 2:30pm, at São Luiz Teatro Municipal – Lisbon. 

Besides the Association’s Board and current Associates, the session will also count on the presence of Anita Debaere, Director of Pearle* – Live Performance Europe, Alexandra Bobes, representative of the Les Forces Musicales Association, and Morten  Gjelten from Norsk Teater- og Orkesterforening – NTO / Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras, who will talk about their associations and their importance in the development of the cultural sector within their respective national and European contexts.

Pearle* – Live Performance Europe is the voice of more than 10 000 performing arts and music organizations, representing the sector’s interests before European and international institutions in order to create and ensure the sustainable development of the performing arts.

Les Forces Musicales represents the orchestras, Opera Theatre and Opera Festivals sector in France, as a result of merging, in 2015, CPDO – La Chambre Professionnelle des Directions d’Opéra and SYNOLYR – Syndicat National des Orchestres et des Théâtres Lyriques.

NTO / Association of Norwegian Theatres and Orchestras represents 46 Norwegian institutions in the theatre, music, opera and dance areas. It was founded in 1962 as The Norwegian Theatres Association and changed its name in 1989, after its association with the Symphonic Orchestras.

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