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Special projects / networks | AMÉLIA REY COLAÇO GRANT


In 2019, Teatro Viriato joined Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Centro Cultural Vila Flor and O Espaço do Tempo in promoting the Amélia Rey Colaço Grant, created in 2018, during the celebrations of the 120th anniversary of her birth.

This is a creative grant aimed at supporting the production of performances by young artists and emerging companies and facilitating their access to means of production that are fundamental for creating new dramaturgies.

The winners of the 3rd edition of the Amélia Rey Colaço Grant will receive funding for coproduction, as well as access to artistic residencies in the many partner Theatres and spaces for creation and presentation of their show, in 2021.

Amélia Rey Colaço was an actress and director, held as a pioneer in the History of Portuguese Theatre.

"Ainda estou aqui" (I’m still here), by Tiago Lima, is the winner of the 3rd Edition of the Amélia Rey Colaço Grant. A play about entertainment and solitude. 

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