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PT  |   EN    
| 01 and 02 MAR 2024
fri and sat 9.00pm | 90 min. | ages 6+
at Stage Hall
price A: €10 / €7.50 / €5 // price Youth €5
// discounts may apply 

“Glimmer” brings us a meeting point between ideas, emotions and the building of a future, over an ecological and fusional background. A future that encompasses everyone, no matter their colour, identity or gender.

On Google's hypertext, the word love appears ten times more than the word hate, as such, in this brief fictionalization of the world, being an optimist also means being a realist – music will save the world and so will dance. This is a show about technology so humanised that we almost confuse it with our soul. It's about bodies that will fuse with each other and nature, in a universal hug at the speed of light. “Glimmer” has technology, but it has a lot more music, dance and, above all, it's poetic.

Stage direction Rui Horta (with the performers) 
Choreography Rui Horta and Gaya de Medeiros 
Music Claudia Efe, Carlos Morgado, Flak and Francisco Rebelo 
Performance Claudia Efe, Gaya de Medeiros, Carlos Morgado, Flak and Francisco Rebelo
Lighting design and scenic space Rui Horta
Digital content Guilherme Martins, David Ventura and Marco Madruga 
Video direction Stella Horta 
Costumes Constança Entrudo 
Production direction Pedro Santos 
Technical direction João Chicó
Sound technician Artur David
Co-production Teatro Aveirense, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Municipal de Ourém, CCC Caldas da Rainha, Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo and Teatro Viriato 
Production Modern Drift 
Special thanks Prodança (Maria Ana Franco de Sousa) and Teatro Meridional

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