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THEATRE | 30 NOV 2023
thu 9.00pm 
80 min. | ages 12+
at Stage Hall
price A: €10 / €7.50 / €5 || price Youth €5
// discounts may apply

“A Minha Cabeça” is an autobiographical show that explores the relation between the colonial possessions of a family and their survival in the aftermath of the Carnation Revolution. One of the main elements of those possessions is an ivory bust – an elephant tusk carved into the shape of a head. Starting with a description of the certification process to which the ICNF (Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests) — by law —, subjects all ivory pieces over forty years of age — a web of geographical and familial interconnections is spun. Following the trail of the dead animal that allowed this family to survive the fallout of the 25th of April, contradictory, and sometimes incomprehensible, versions of the past finally surface.

Stage direction Carla Bolito 
Text Carla Bolito and Venâncio Calisto
With Daniel Martinho, Kimberley Ribeiro and Carla Bolito 
Choreography Kimberley Ribeiro
Set design Marcello Urgeghe 
Lighting design Daniel Worm 
Sound design Rui Dâmaso 
Costumes Ricardo Preto 
Hairdressing Ulisses Olimpo 
Production Marta León 
Co-production Teatro do Bairro Alto / Estado Zero

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