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24 MAR'20

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SUMMER LAB // 13 - 19 JUL’20
intensive dance training programme


Before proceeding with your registration, or that of the minor under your care, please make sure that you have read all information pertaining to SUMMER LAB’20 on the official website of Companhia Paulo Ribeiro and/or Teatro Viriato, namely, the programme Regulations.

For any other questions or concerns please contact:
By email:
By phone: +351 232 480 110

Group A: 15 to 18 years old | Dance students || price: 220 euros
Group B: 18 years and up | Dance students and professionals || price: 220 euros
Group C: 18 years and up | non-professionals with Dance experience || price: 155 euros
Not interested
Bank transfer to CAEV's account with IBAN PT50 0010 0000 3196 0450 0012 8 and SWIFT: BBPIPTPL
*  campo de preenchimento obrigatório
In addition to filling out the form below, you must make the payment to confirm your registration. 
Your SUMMER LAB'20 registration payment can be split in two:
20% at the time of registration;
The remaining 80% must be paid until 1st July.
Proof of payment must be sent to, with the name of the participant to which it refers.

Personal Data Protection

Personal data protection and the safeguard of all SUMMER LAB’20 participants’ privacy, in accordance with national and European legislation in effect, is of the utmost importance to Companhia Paulo Ribeiro and Teatro Viriato. Within the context of this project, both entities are responsible for the collection and processing of all personal data contained in this form. This data will be digitally stored and exclusively used within the ambit of project SUMMER LAB'20, with the following purposes: mandatory contracting of group personal accident insurance; accommodations reservation (optional) and project participation logistics, including all communications with participants, whenever related to SUMMER LAB'20. The collected personal data will be compulsorily relayed to the insurance company responsible for the group personal accident insurance covering the project activities and, whenever applicable, to the party responsible for the accommodations. The retention period for all collected data will be the one deemed necessary for the full completion of the project and the conclusion of all described purposes.

As owners of their respective collected personal data, participants will have the right to demand, at any time: the portability, access and rectification of their own personal data; limit, or entirely oppose, the processing of their personal data, including requesting their deletion - please note that exercising this right will immediately end your participation in the project; they have the right to register a complaint with the Comissão Nacional da Proteção de Dados (the portuguese Data Protection Authority) and the right to be informed of any known violation of their personal data. The wish to exercise these rights can be made to the entities responsible for the project: Companhia Paulo Ribeiro and Teatro Viriato.

The collected personal data is protected in compliance with national and European norms in accordance with all applicable Privacy and Data Protection legislation. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

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