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Companhia Paulo Ribeiro

Founded in 1995, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Paulo Ribeiro Company) is a portuguese contemporary dance company, with a unique repertoire of pieces either created and directed by Paulo Ribeiro, its founder, and one of the choreographers in the forefront of the art movement called New Portuguese Dance; or by other guest creators. Established at Teatro Viriato (Viseu, Portugal) since 1998, it’s from there that the company develops its research, creation, production and education activities. Today, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Paulo Ribeiro Company) is headed by choreographers and performers António Cabrita and São Castro.

Alongside its artistic project implemented at Teatro Viriato in 1998; Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Paulo Ribeiro Company) was also responsible, in 2005, for the creation of dance school Lugar Presente – a pedagogical project, also based in Viseu, that includes regular dance and theatre courses and classes for adults, youths and children, namely, within the ambit of specialised Art Education.

With a repertoire of over 30 productions, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Paulo Ribeiro Company) as taken its place as one of the most renowned portuguese contemporary dance companies, regularly presenting its work in the principal stages of Portugal, the rest of Europe, Brasil and the United States; and has been awarded several times both national and internationally.

Beyond creation, promotion and education, Companhia Paulo Ribeiro as also been encouraging book publishing. 2005 saw the publishing of Corpo de Cordas, by Cláudia Galhós, a commemorative edition celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary; and 2015 saw the publishing of Uma Coisa Concreta, a book coordinated by Tiago Bartolomeu Costa, that compiles an assortment of writings by Isabel Lucas, Luísa Roubaud, Maria de Assis, Mónica Guerreiro and Paula Varanda.

In 2016, after Paulo Ribeiro was short-listed by the Ministério da Cultura to assume the role of artistic director at Companhia Nacional de Bailado, choreographers and performers António Cabrita and São Castro were invited to jointly occupy his chair as artistic directors of Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Paulo Ribeiro Company). Both have deep knowledge of Paulo Ribeiro’s career and choreographic idiom and he identifies greatly, at an artistic level, with them. António Cabrita and São Castro represent a new generation of portuguese creators that have been blazing trails in the realm of contemporary dance.

See Companhia Paulo Ribeiro's website click, here.

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