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Teatro Viriato, Espaço do Tempo's partner in so many other ventures and an enduring ally to all creators, joined the creative scholarships programme launched by O Espaço do Tempo with the "la Caixa" Foundation and BPI by offering a space for residencies for some projects (according to their needs) and by counting the Teatro’s own artistic director among a diverse and multidisciplinary jury.

This is a creative grants programme aimed at supporting emerging artists — an innovative decision taken by the "la Caixa" Foundation and BPI, which makes an independent entity such as Espaço do Tempo, responsible for the selection process and support to its peers, something unprecedented in our country. The decision will be made in 2 stages: Espaço do Tempo will begin by selecting a set of 30 projects, which will then be subjected to a final decision taken by an independent jury composed by Patrícia Portela, Cláudia Galhós, Rui Horta, Magda Bizarro and John Romão.

The programme will award 2 grants of 15 000 euros to post-emerging artists – creators with 4 or more projects already premiered (with the added possibility of artistic residencies in Espaço do Tempo and/or Teatro Viriato) and 7 grants of 10 000 euros for emerging creators with 3 or fewer creations premiered until the date of the competition (with the aforementioned possibility of residencies).

Winning emerging creators:
Analu (Ana Luísa Gouveia Caldeira)
Bruno Alexandre
Carlos Azeredo Mesquita
Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro
Diogo Freitas
Keli Freitas
Piny (Anaísa Lopes)

Winning post-emerging creators:
Colectivo Bestiário 
Renan Martins.

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