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fri 21h30 | 60 min | 6+ years old
price A: 10€ (audience and cabins)/ 7,50€ (front circle)/ 5€ (side circle)
// applicable discounts // CHILD SPACE AVAILABLE

MUSIC | 30 SEP 2016

Having stepped onto the stage of some of the principal venues and concert halls of Europe, the USA and several international festivals, Steamboat Switzerland perform, for the very first time, in Portugal, at Teatro Viriato.

Founded in 1995, the band is made up by three music savants whose work is built upon the explosive and electrifying mixing of Heavy-Metal sounds with contemporary music.

With eight records under their belt, the talent of this collective doesn't end at the complexity of their compositions. This talent is matched, or rather augmented, by their power of improvisation.

The band brings an expanded roster, as envisioned by composer David Dramm, to Teatro Viriato's stage, including the collaboration of musicians from different genres, namely three renowned portuguese trumpet players, offering the audience the opportunity to witness a unique concert.
Hammond Organ Dominik Blum
Electric Bass Marino Pliakas and Jeremias Keller
Drums Lucas Niggli and Peter Conradin Zumthor
Composition David Dramm
Piano/ Keyboard Tamriko Kordzaia
Trumpets Susana Santos Silva, Javier Pereiro and Ricardo Formoso 

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