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THEATRE | 20 MAY 2022

fri 21h00 | duration and target audience TBA
price A: 10€ (stalls and boxes) / 7,50€ (front rows) / 5€ (side rows) // discounts may apply 

Accessible on 20 MAY at 21h00

Because it is the greatest living document in the history of any people, language holds the power to be always a new language. Language belongs to those who speak it, and it is for love of the language that one should believe in it, doubt it, remake it. Every day.

’Outra Língua‘ (Other Language) is a performance-conference whichconsiders the experience of Portuguese speakers from different countries to ask: is it possible, by intervening on the language, to change the reality it describes? Which language do we speak after all? Which stories and which History holds the Portuguese language? Can every Portuguese speaker claim to speak the same language? And our language(s), what do they say about us? This is a project developed by women from Angola, Brazil, and Portugal in which  dwells the awareness that a major part of who we are relies on ourwe cross paths with this symbolic content that precedes us; that it is through it that we set up both our views of the world and our possibilities to understand what has been happening, and who we are.

Direction Keli Freitas and Raquel André 
Creation and interpretation Keli Freitas, Nádia Yracema, Raquel André and Tita Maravilha 
Text Keli Freitas 
Artistic collaboration and production support Mariana Ferreira 
Executive collaboration Missanga 
Music Odete
Scenery Elsa Romero and Saulo Santos 
Costumes José António Tenente 
Lighting design Wilma Godinho 
Video Afonso Sousa 
Coproduction D. Maria II National Theatre, Teatro Viriato and O Espaço do Tempo 
Financial support Creativity Grants O Espaço do Tempo, with the support from BPI / Foundation “la Caixa” and –Portuguese Republic - Culture | DGARTES 
Artistic residency O Espaço do Tempo

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